Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An End to Hunger

I've started working on my research proposal and I'm so excited.  My topic is land reform and agriculture in SA and my question essentially is: Has land reform in SA had a positive impact on black rural female farmers?  That's the main question and there's obviously a subset of others.

I believe, absolutely, that women are the key to feeding all our populations - we've just got to figure out how.  I read somewhere (will find source and post it) that Angola and Southern Sudan alone could feed the entire AFrican continent if these country's agricultural systems were correctly managed.  DUDES THAT WOULD MEAN AFRICA WOULD NEVER HAVE TO BEG ANYBODY FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN! I dream of this day - I want to be one of the people who make this day a reality.  And finally, with this research I'm beginning, it feels as if I've taken a step in the right direction :D 

The link below is to an article that made me beam - absolutely worth a read and it suggests an interesting case study that I'm looking to incorporate into my research.  Imagine a world with no hunger - where there are no babies begging in the street.  I want to live in that world.

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