Thursday, November 18, 2010

'I got the joyjoyjoy down in my heart!'

I am stricken with joy, overwhelmed by anticipation so deep it's a flavour on my tongue, a taste at the back of my throat, welling over and over till my sinuses burn with sheer and utter delight in life.  Yes I am aware that the sentence above is a prime example of how not to use a comma but I DO NOT CARE MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Why you ask? Whywhywhy?  Because I am happy.  For the first time in a really long time I'm catching glimpses of the gleeful creature I was born to be.  I no longer burn bright and uncomplicated - my colours have thickened, deepened.  I am searing light and blood red depth, tears and laughter like rich, viscous honey-drip.  I am grown and my joy has changed but I've found it again - I can see it and touch again.  Thank you God for this blessing, for this feeling.  I am so grateful to finally be saying goodbye to numbness. And now for the BOOTY DANCE OF GLEEEEEE!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Are other people every just violently struck by the urge to go - to keep moving till their too exhausted to move another limb.  I want to scour every inch of this planet - I want to see EVERYTHING!! Now I just need bank rolling of some kind. Hmmmm...

These images are from a shoot I did for the Black Accountants Association 25th Anniversary.  I met a lot of amazing people  - people who clawed their way to success and then did not forget their roots.  It was an experience that I have to say strengthened my faith in our ability as individuals to make an actual difference.