Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I just remembered that next year is 2012 and that the world is supposed to end! LOL! So I got to thinking – what would I be bleak about not having done come 2012 and the world actually did end.  The list was a bit of a surprise to me.  By 2012 I decided that I wanted, desperately, to:
  • 1.      Have fallen in love
  • 2.      Owned a new puppy and lavished it with adoration. 
  • 3.      Written and published a novel
  • 4.      Lived under a warm sea
The last one had me scratching my head but I cannot deny that I would love to live under a warm ocean, swimming in the waters and just letting the tides wash over me.  I know I cannot turn into a mermaid *sigh* but I still long to live, somehow, beneath the sea.

The first I’ve given to God.  I’ve looked man.  I have sought high and low but my time for love has not come.  So I’ve left it with God.  He’ll let me know when the time is right.  It would be awesome God if it could be before the world ends...just saying! *grumbles*

I’m working on number 3.  In stops and starts but I’m working on it.  Now I have an absolute deadline to have it done by *beams!*

 And number 2...I’m a wanderer at the moment and a dog requires a steady home and a pack that sticks together.  This one won’t be possible by next year – not if my plans work out as I hope they will.  That breaks my heart but I’m hoping we all make it many years beyond 2012 so that I can once again cuddle my very own puppy.   I’m planning on naming him/her Sherlock Holmes!

I want to acknowledge my blessings here  too because God has truly blessed me and he keeps on giving me love and support and beautiful, beautiful people to cherish.  My greatest blessing is my family - I cannot wait to be with them again. Thank you Lord for your continued nourishment, care and love for my loved ones and for me.

Sunday, March 27, 2011



This is a fantastic site - found via: http://afatgirlwho.blogspot.com/

In South Africa there are so many men who have this ugly, proprietary air when approaching women it makes me sick.  Over and over again we're harassed on the street.  I think twice almost all the time when I'm walking down the street - bout what I'm wearing, where I'm walking, how many men are going to decide they're bored enough to dump their sexual bull all over my space.  Go read some of the stories posted on this site - makes my blood just boil anew.


Yesterday I frolicked with penguins!!! :D It was such a fabulous day.  I went out with my new friends, Yukari and Haru, who I met in Woolworths of all places.  They have been so good to me.  Then I had dinner with my long time buddy Laylay and met her awesome girlfriend and ate their delicious food!  And now delightful pics from a delicious day! *gleeeeeeeeeee*

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


God blessed me with magic and love and epic joy this weekend. I lived and breathed sheer perfection. Love to my little hot toddies Kholo and Tumsa - you bitches rock so fucken hard *cries*

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweet Disposition

I have had an amazing weekend *GLOWS*  I did a ton of retail therapy – new makeup, new hair, new shoes!!! I went clubbing – pics today are from the mandatory pre-clubbing camera whoring that ensued – and then spent my Sunday at the beach eating watermelon sorbet and rolling merrily around in the ice cold water.  Perfection doesn’t happen often but I was blessed with it this weekend.  I hope you had an equally restful, blissful time and that the week ahead holds more joy than it does pain *SMISH!!!*