Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So this blog is getting a revamp.  I've been trickling through the private bits of me, trying to keep it all 'professional.'  I'm discovering that I'm not capable of that.  So this blog is turning, right now, into a celebration of me, my work, my love, my passion - otherwise honestly it may as well just shut down.

So the changes in the past few months have been major.  I moved cities.  I'm living in Cape Town now and OMG I love it with every particle of my soul.  This place is beautiful - heartrendingly beautiful.  Since beginning to travel I've been so lucky to see the truly miraculous places in the world - and yet even as their beauty overwhelms me I'm reminded again and again that HOME is where LOVE is - it could be a dry little town in the Karoo or the lush mountains and forests of Mpumalanga.  If there is no love where you are then it all might as well be ash.

I'm back at school and working too - its intense I cannot lie.  Juggling the two - as well as finding time to write and work on Fierce and start up all the other millions of ideas I have is going to be a challenge - but its one I feel ready for.

I'm studying Gender Studies and Transformation - AT LAST!!!  And I love it! LOL! I'm loving a lot lately!  I live in this tiny little bachelor flat - just bought myself these glorious striped burgandy curtains and the entire place is just beginning to feel like mine.  I miss my family and friends like burning.  That's been hard - but what keeps me going is knowing that the way I was - that closed in, lonely, frustrated woman I was becoming, could not love them the way they deserve to be loved.  I must find peace - I must have adventure! And it's so good to be living what I've been dreaming for so damn long.

Tumblr has been a revelation.  Meeting young, fat women  - feminists, lovers of beauty and race and variety - fearless, glorious creatures.  Meeting these women on Tumblr has meant so much to me...I can't put this in words right now.  I will.  I will soon.

And finally a picture - after so long! This is a self portrait again - I love it.  The gorgeous curtains weren't up yet - going to be taking pics soon where they are! :D

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