Monday, August 2, 2010


Life is becoming intensly exciting very quickly *booty dance of glee!!*  I want to go back to school.  There's so much I still want to learn and so, so much I still want to do that requires a get a great deal more schooling.  I'm going to be trying for my masters in gender studies - madly applying for scholarships as we speak, as well as further photography and photoshop classes; my sewing lessons begin very soon; having a meeting with a designer about the Fierce logo this coming weekend *squee*; and my pole dancing lessons have become a highlight of my week just because they help detangle all the ugly knots I manage to tie myself into all the time.

July was a crazy month.  I've been working on an intense project - the results of which I'll share once its been done.  I turned 28!  This year I didn't have a panic attack about it - it was a good and easy change - one that filled me with peace.  I spent it with the folks - thank God for them - gossiping and napping and eating cake.  It was very good.  I was reading a journal I've had since 2007 where I plan my life essentially.  I was reading back and I saw my 2007 plan LOL!  My main goals were : get a car, buy a camera, finish the Fierce business plan, start the Decadence business plan and loose my virginity!! ahahahaha!! I'm happy to say I achieved all but one of those goals...Decadence is still in its infancy.  Can't wait for that to take off as I am so passionate about the changes I believe it will make to South African women

In October I begin the Fierce Fatties project.  I'm breathless with excitement for this one and the results are going to be amazing.  Taking pictures of fat women is the entire reason I got into photography.  Now I'm finally going to get to take pictures of lots of them!!  Weird little note - had a dream last night  - a rabbit told me i was destined to become a matchmaker.  It was intensely clear and won't leave me alone right now LOOOOL!! I can't even get myself hooked up, how am I supposed to help other people!!

Below some highlights from the World Cup - the biggest party to hit SA's shores in FOREVER!  I had such a blast - I miss Phillip sooo much *sigh*

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