Sunday, February 21, 2010


2010 - YOU ARE SO FIRED!!!! The opening months of this year have been exhausting.  We were robbed on the 17th of Jan.  The thief came through a window and robbed me blind while I lay sleeping.  I sleep like the dead LOL! and then we were robbed again on February the 17th.  I was so panic striken we moved.  I could'nt bear the thought of sleeping in that flat for another day.  Now we're looking for a new place to live and all I feel is overwhelming exhaustion. 

Needless to say my creative energy has been ...shattered.  I'm now in the process of gathering myself towards myself - I hope it will get better.   I know it will.

I present to you Blood Lust.  I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot - hope you enjoy the results :)

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