Monday, August 24, 2009

Into the Looking Glass

On the 26th of August it will be my parents 30th year wedding anniversary :) I'm so blessed to have these two amazing people as my mother and father - thank God for them because I would not be who I am if God had not seen fit to give them to me.

The shoot I've done recently is a set of self portraits. Self portraits have been the key to loving my own body. If it weren't for my camera and the self-images I had produced I would still not be terribly fond of myself. That little lens played a huge role in my mental and spiritual liberation, and this weekend I decided to spend a bit more time playing for the lens. I call this shoot: Industria and I did it in the gas room of our block of flats. I got fainter and fainter during the shoot - actually fell over at one point! LOL! I was about to commit an accidental Sylvia Plath but thankfully our dishy flat manager came by and advised that I leave the door open if I wanted to live LOL! And so, without further ado, Industria.

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